Berit Nordstrand

Berit Nordstrand is a doctor and a best-selling author of lifestyle books, has started on a lifestyle series for children, ‘The Cell Factory’, about our smart bodies, and about food we can prepare and eat to help keep it healthy and strong.

Achoo!, the first book the series, is an amusing and entertaining book that explains what happens in the body when it falls ill with a virus or bacteria, and how the immune response protects our body and makes us get well again. Here we join the cells Luke, Erle and Perle on an exciting adventure in the body of seven-year-old Mathea, who gets a really nasty cold.

The book is also provided with more than 20 delicious recipes for you to strengthen your immune response, and which taste delicious even when you don’t feel like eating, all put together by Dr. Nordstrand.

Berit Nordstrand

Berit Nordstrand

Berit Nordstrand (b. 1966) is a doctor, a specialist in dependence medications, a pharmacologist and a cognitive therapist. She has published a series of lifestyle books for adults, all of which have been on the bestseller lists.

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