Frank Rosell, Neha Naveen
Bjørk the Beaver

This is the story of Bjørk the beaver. She is born and enjoys a completely normal young life close to an idyllic lake in Telemark before she finds her chosen one, Ask, and gives birth to their daughter Linnea. Suddenly, life takes an unexpected turn for the small family. They have to move to a foreign country and face an unknown future...

This book provides exciting knowledge about beavers and all that they get up to in nature. In addition, it describes a unique research project involving moving Norwegian beavers to Scotland, where the beaver have been eradicated more than 400 years ago. How did things go for the Norwegian emigrants, and what is the situation – five years later?

Frank Rosell, Neha Naveen

Neha Naveen (b.1986) is from Oslo, and has a MA in Cultural Studies. She has previously published the novel Rip Entry (2015).
Frank Rosell is professor, specialized in the behavioral ecology (Chemical communication) of Mammals.

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