Mariann Youmans

Just feelings? We’re familiar with them. And they can really hurt. Cause you to be afraid, sad, furiously angry, even to choose not to live. What does it feel like, and what’s the point of all the bad or confusing feelings? What can they actually tell us? And how do they come to be there?

This is a handbook in feelings for the SHAME generation. It is full of humour and warmth, and helps you believe that things can get better.

Mariann Youmans’ method in several books has been to let the young people make themselves heard as experts about themselves. SENSITIVE is the result of a cooperation with around ten young people with a broad life experience – from being a bit down to being stark raving mad. They freely share their experiences and tips about what helps. In addition, there are chapters with facts, information about the commonest mental illnesses, research and statistics.

Mariann Youmans

Mariann Youmans
Grete Bro Thuestad

Mariann Youmans (b. 1971) is a critically acclaimed writer of several fiction and non-fiction books for children and Young adults.

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