Gaute Heivoll

Those Free of Guilt

Sigrid is nineteen when she first meets Embret, who arrives in her small town to be the new schoolteacher.

She just wants to get away, from her mother and little sister Edit. He just wants to be noticed, for everyone around him to see who he really is. Together, they start carving out the future they´ve been longing for.

But life wants it differently. When disaster strikes, Embret and the two sisters make a life changing choice. They tell a lie that grows and evolves until it starts looking like the truth. A lie constantly threatening to tear their existence apart.

Those Free of Guilt is a story of hope and self-deception, of salvation and gradual downfall. It is a novel of longing to be something more than yourself, and of the impossibility of envisioning the consequences of your choices.

Gaute Heivoll

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The Brage Award winning author of the international success novel Before I Burn.

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