Wencke Mühleisen
Everything I Fear Has Already Happened

What is a woman to do after being left by her partner in her late middle age?
The first spring spent alone, she thinks of nature as beauty wasted on a dead soul, and stays alive out of sheer politeness.
She can’t bear the idea of spending the rest of her life without someone to curl up to. She makes dating profiles on several apps, the only remaining arena for meeting people in the time of the pandemic. At the same time, she flinches at the thought of going to bed with an unknown, imperfect body, to showcase her own decline and expose herself to a stranger.

'What especially interests me (…), is how steadfastly she processes and explores the great missteps of life, using the full register of the body to do so; the analytical thoughts, the quivering, horrible feelings and the invigorating lust for life.'

Vårt Land

'Spry and philosophical about becoming single as a mature woman and throw oneself into the waters of online dating.'


Wencke Mühleisen

Wencke Mühleisen
Rolf M. Aagaard

Wencke Mühleisen (b. 1953) is a researcher in gender and media at the University of Stavanger. As a performance artist, writer and researcher she has worked with our cultural and media-formed understanding of sex and sexuality.

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