Gaute Heivoll

Before I Burn

Before I Burn
Winner of the 2010 Norwegian Book Award, Brageprisen.
Translated to more than 20 languages

Sunday, 4th January, 1978. A pyromaniac runs amok in the Finsland district, just outside Kristiansand. He has been spreading fear and chaos for a month in the small community. The following day it will all be over, but only after the worst night so far. That same Sunday a boy is christened at the font in Finsland Church. The boy’s name is Gaute Heivoll. A Before I Burn reconstructs the events of the spring in 1978 and what will turn out to be one of Norway’s most extensive and dramatic arson cases. Who was the man setting houses ablaze? Why did he do it? And what about the boy who was christened that day and has lived all his life with the story of the fires?

By juxtaposing the pyromaniac’s story with his own, Gaute Heivoll lays bare the insanity in every human life in masterful fashion. For how much does it really take to touch rock bottom? To find yourself in danger of destroying everything you have?

Before I Burn is an unusual story, a novel that has the power to shock, about the flames in your own life.

Translated to more than 20 languages

Winner of Norwegian Book Award Brageprisen 2010

Gaute Heivoll

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The Brage Award winning author of the international success novel Before I Burn.

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American English - Graywolf

Braz. Portuguese - L&Pm Editores

British English - Atlantic Press

Chinese (simplified) - China International Radio Press

Czech - Vakat

Danish - Rosinante

Dutch - Prometheus

Finnish - Wsoy

French - JC Lattès

Hebrew - Modan

Icelandic - Mál og menning

Italian - Sonzogno di Marsilio Editori

Polish - Weltbild Swiat

Russian - Corpus

Spanish - Salamandra

Swedish - Norstedts

Turkish - Can Yayinlari

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