Trude Teige

The Pasient


He calls himself Croesus and has been a patient at the Norwegian mental institution Dikemark for 50 years. Before he dies, he whispers: – they kill patients here.

One of the few who managed to talk to Croesus, is Julia, the daughter of a brain surgeon who works at Dikemark.

Some years later Julia disappears without a trace, and when journalist Kajsa Coren is summoned to find out what happened, she is thrown into a maelstrom that includes psychiatric research, an undiscovered Edvard Munch-painting and neglected children.

Soon Kajsa’s employer is found murdered, and the investigation reveals that he was not who he said he was.

Trude Teige

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Trude Teige (b. 1960) is one of Norway’s most recognized journalists, through her work as political reporter, news presenter and TV-host.

Her literary debut, the historical novel The Sea Sings (2002), was followed by Leaning Against the Wind (2004).

In 2009 she wrote her first crime crime novel, Someone Knows , featuring the TV-journalist Kajsa Coren. The series of stand alones now counts five novels. Two of the books in the series have been nominated for the Bookseller’s Award.

Praise for Trude Teige:

Named the new Camilla Läckberg and the new Unni Lindell

Nomiated for The Bookseller’s Award 3 times; The Girl Who Stopped talking (2014) and Treachery (2012) and Grandmother Danced in the Rain (2015)

Awarded Kringkastingsprisen

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German - Aufbau

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