Ørjan N. Karlsson
The Well of the Souls
The Lance Trilogy 2

A month ago, Martin Sølvfoss was just an ordinary young Norwegian exchange student in England, but when his father was reported missing after a sailing trip, he discovered that the Sølvfoss family had been guardians of one of the three holy fragments of the lance that pierced Christ’s side when he hung on the cross.

The hunt for the fragment takes him through a portal into Nazi Germany in 1941. To be able to return to his own time, Martin has to find the holy fragment. But the pieces of the lance attract dark forces – ones that already have control over two of the three pieces. If this evil gets hold of the last fragment of the lance, history will be changed. The world will be plunged into darkness and chaos.

Ørjan N. Karlsson

Ørjan N. Karlsson
Julie Pike

Ørjan Nordhus Karlsson (b. 1970) is a social scientist, has an army officer education and has also taken part in assignments overseas. He has published several thrillers, science fiction and crime novels for adults. The Time Rose is his first novel for young adults.

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