Lene Ask
What You're Not Saying, Is True

He didn’t mean to lie. It’s just that Kamran can’t explain why he sat in the car with strangers. What’s more, he’s plenty to keep tabs on with his sick elder sister who can’t put up with arguments and his young sister who loves to argue. Mum and Dad have already plenty on their plate as it is.

What You say Isn’t True is an intense novel for young adults about how difficult it is to find personal space in the midst of a flock of siblings. And how a story can start to live its own life, quite independently of what is actually true.

Lene Ask

Lene Ask
Bjarte Bjørkum

Lene Ask (b. 1974) is a writer and illustrator.

She received the Sproing Award in 2007 and made her literary debut in 2008 with the picture books about the Rotle Family.

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