Sissel Chipman
When the Moon Went Out

Why did I do it? Because the attention was always on Lena, my sister, and I was so fed up with it. I just wanted to live my own life.

So I invented something I could dream about, something I so dreadfully wanted to have. Håkon’s horse, Máni, which he hardly ever rode himself. And when I got to know Håkon better, I understood that he had something else I also needed, but which was very difficult to get ... and then ... then Lena got in the way again!

When the moon went out deals with having to put oneself on one side, about trust and the longing to be free

Sissel Chipman

Sissel Chipman

Sissel Chipman (b. 1965) is one of few Norwegian female writers writing in the fairy tale segment of the fantasy genre. She gathers inspiration from folklore, legends and folk tales, and she is a great storyteller.

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