Ørjan N. Karlsson

The Night Mirror

Mathias is in the hospital, he has cancer and is afraid that he is not going to survive. One night a strange, barefooted girl suddenly appears in his room wearing an old shirt and dirty jeans. «My name is Tara», she whispers in a hoarse voice.
«And I need your help».
She grabs Mathias’ arm and tries to drag him out of bed. Mathias gets scared and pushes her away. Tara disappears, but a paper is left behind on the floor. A strange recipe for something called ‘moon water’.
The Night Mirror is a story of darkness and hope. Of friendship and courage. And about being thrown into a strange world.

The Night Mirror is the first book in what will become a new fantasy series of four standalone novels for middle grade readers. Each book will have an unique main character travelling between our world and Bifrost to take part in a quest. Every story gives new insights to the secrets of the magical world of Bifrost; animals and people, friends and foes, mythology and magic.
Each book takes the reader to an uniquegeographical area of Bifrost and each book contains a map of that area. Lay all four maps together to view a complete map of the world of Bifrost.
The four main characters live in different parts of Norway. All four are contacted by
someone from Bifrost and all four enter Bifrost through a magical portal.

Ørjan N. Karlsson

Karlsson oerjan n
Julie Pike

Ørjan Nordhus Karlsson (b. 1970) is a social scientist, has an army officer education and has also taken part in assignments overseas. He has published several thrillers, science fiction and crime novels for adults. The Time Rose is his first novel for young adults.

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