Bjørn Ingvaldsen
Icarus Olsen’s Fight to Get to the Top 3: The Grandfather War

It’s still a long way to the top, but Icarus Olsen isn’t on the bottom rung any longer. What awaits him up there? A mysterious person appears, someone goes off and Gravedigger wants to build a hotel. While grandfather wants a new boat. Perhaps a red balloon is the start to a new life?

The third and final book about Icarus’ journey to the top.

Bjørn Ingvaldsen

Bjørn Ingvaldsen
Elisabeth Tønnesen

Bjørn Ingvaldsen made his debut in 1995 With a Collection of short stories for adults. Since then he has written several books for children and adults. His books for children have been translated into Danish, French, German and Italian.

Other titles

Ikaros Olsen’s struggle to get to the top 2: The TV war (2016)

Icarus Olsen’s Fight to Get to the Top: The Pixie War (2015)

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