Aina Olsen Midtun
A Doll's Wardrobe
Knitting Patterns for Doll Design Clothes

A Doll's Wardrobe offers a new way of thinking about doll clothes. With simple techniques and left over yarn, and with the help of this book's patterns, you can knit your doll design garments with cuts and shapes recognizable from your own wardrobe.

The patterns in this book are mostly simple, but you will perhaps also discover new knitting methods and alternative ways to utilize common techniques. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to develop your own knitting skills for future projects.

Attention to small details, to the little extra, is important when creating your doll's wardrobe – from basic everyday garments to gowns and coats. Add decorative flowers, pockets, crocheted edges and knitted structure to the clothes to enhance your doll's personality.

This book provides a perfect opportunity for children and adults to get together, be inspired by these wonderful designs and create something beautiful and durable in miniature.

Aina Olsen Midtun

Aina Olsen Midtun

Aina Olsen Midtun has a background in construction engineering, with a particular passion for spatial planning. She became a knitting enthusiast due to her emerging creativity and her urge to create and design. Midtun creates her knitting patterns from an idealistic point of view that all her designs should be simple but unique, and that the clothes must be well crafted an elaborate.

She gets her inspiration from her travels, and from being an avid reader of literature on design and fashion. Midtun is very passionate about knitting and emphasizes that knitting is not only about following strict patterns, but about creating something heartfelt and beautiful.

Midtun is working on new knitting projects and designs.

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