Carl Müller Frøland

The Nazi Universe

More than 70 years after the fall of Nazi Germany, the question remains unanswered: How could a leading European nation with an impressive culture develop a violent dictatorship that unleashed a new world war and committed an industrial genocide? What was Nazism - and why did the Nazis act in the way they did?

Nazism did not arise in a historical vacuum, but had deep roots in German culture. From German Romanticism sprang ideas which had great importance for the genesis of Nazism. There arose conceptions of the individual as only a part of the national collective, and of the world as consisting of limitless struggle between opposing forces. This books shows how several currents of thought, like Völkisch Holism and irrationalist Lebensphilosophie, arise and contribute to the emergence of Nazi ideology.

The book throws light on central characteristics of Nazi ideology: ultranationalism and leader-worship, racial theory and antisemitism, totalitarianism and glorification of violence. Additionally, the text deals with the strong element of occultism in Nazism, and gives us insight into the psychological effect of Nazi ideology – how Nazi ideals and attitudes made individuals embrace the Hitler regime wholeheartedly. This is a dramatic tale of fanatical passion and boundary-transcending violence – the story of how a “political religion” is born and acquires such power over men’s minds that people are motivated to the most drastic actions culminating with the Holocaust.

It is with excitement I have read Carl Müller Frøland’s book «Nazismens idéunivers». I am excited because it is so liberating to see a young academic diving into a project of such scope – and succeeding with it.

One of the most important books this fall. 6/6

Undoubtedly, this debut book is a masterpiece in many ways, and will stand for a long time as a text which is hard to ignore.

The idea that you could resolve social issues by extinguishing specific groups of people, existed long before 1940. Carl Müller Frøland's The Nazi Universe can be recommended in this context as well.

Pieces about Nazism as religion of nature, about the Führer cult as shaman adoration and the SS as prime example are places where the author is at his very best. [...] dramatic historical brushstrokes [...] great colour illustrations

Carl Müller Frøland

Carl Müller Frøland (1982 - ) has an MA in Intellectual History from the University of Oslo. He is working on a PhD thesis about Nazism as a religion and/or secular world view. The Nazi Universe is his first book.

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