Steffen R Marandon Sørum & Eldrid Johansen
The Concrete Park

The summer holiday is just around the corner and Molly is looking forward to being on her skateboard every day.

But when the indoor park closes for renovation, Molly is forced to go to an concrete outdoor park to skate – and the rules of the game are completely different there.

Molly will have to be tough if she wants to claim a place in the rough and tumble of the concrete park.

Steffen R Marandon Sørum & Eldrid Johansen

Steffen R. M. Sørum (born 1976) comes from Stavanger originally. His debut novel, You Love Me, was released in 2000. Since then he has published a range of books for adults, teenagers and children. In 2016 he was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s prize for his book Write Brilliantly, written with Eldrid Johansen and Ingrid dos Santos. Steffen trains children’s authors at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books.

Eldrid Johansen (born 1973) has published many books for children and teenagers since she made her debut with Sara Wants to be a Star in 2005. Eldrid has toured Norway for many years conducting writing courses, various events for her books, and concerts and children’s shows. Write brilliantly!, which was made by the same team behind Girlskate, was nominated to the Brage Prize and was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s prize for best textbook for children and teenagers in 2016.

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