Lene Lauritsen Kjølner
Why Didn't They Ask Evensen?
The Island Mysteries 2

Olivia Henriksen is a private detective. Although she takes on all manner of cases, currently her work usually involves the surveillance of cheating spouses. But when the notorious politician Arne Gustavsen of the Socialist Left party is found dead at the water’s edge, near the Ankerholm Sailing Cub, she finds herself drawn into a murder case which involves environmental politics, cynical tycoons, and dirty dealings. Fortunately, Olivia possesses the necessary tenacity in her professional life – her love life, however, is less certain.

Here we encounter an elegant and often subtle use of language that fits the story, and enhances the reader’s enjoyment. A `cuddly crime novel’ to be relished with a plaid over the knees and a glass of port standing by.

Maurits Hansen Jury, Best Debut 2014

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner
Kristine Hellemo

This is the second book in this cosy crime-series . There are now nine books in the series, described as unique in a Norwegian context, but which have been compared to Alan Bradley, Agatha Christie and Alexander McCall Smith. This cosy crime series is set in the Norwegian archipelago, garnished with wit, humour and irony, and a touch of self-deprecation. Lene also writes `feelgood’ books featuring Petra, Sofie and Petronella - and recently also the gang at Sjøfryd Old People's Home.
Lene is married to Per Fredrik, the musician. She has two sons and a cat, and was born on Nøtterøy, but lives just outside Tønsberg. Formerly employed in the aviation industry, she now works as an author and translator, loves gardening and old oak trees and is also the director of the renowned Fagervik publishing house.

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