Lene Lauritsen Kjølner
The Man in the Shiny Shoes
The Island Mysteries 1

Welcome to the exciting and entertaining world of Olivia Henriksen. On one of her daily rambles with her dog on the idyllic island of Ankerholmen near Tønsberg, she stumbles across something that will turn her orderly world upside down: hanging from a rope on the veranda of the Nilsen family’s cabin, the body of big shot local advocate, Fridtjof Pedersen. The Police are soon involved, but Olivia can’t resist doing a bit of sleuthing on her own. The Occupancy Requirement has clearly lethally inflamed local passions on this usually peaceful island. Nobody escapes unscathed.

A `cuddly crime novel’ with charm – so refreshing to encounter an author who dares to step outside the usual well-trodden literary paths.
Finn Stenstad, Tonsbergs Blad

Sometimes it’s a treat to open a crime novel that isn’t simply dripping with gore.
Geir Vestad, Hamar Arbeiderblad

Tønsbergs blad, Hamar arbeiderblad

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner
Kristine Hellemo

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner’s debut detective novel, `The Man in the Shiny Shoes,’ is the first in the Island Mysteries series featuring Olivia Henriksen. It won the Maurits Hansen prize – New Blood. There are now nine books in the series, described as unique in a Norwegian context, but which have been compared to Alan Bradley, Agatha Christie and Alexander McCall Smith. This cosy crime series is set in the Norwegian archipelago, garnished with wit, humour and irony, and a touch of self-deprecation. Lene also writes Christmas novels and `feelgood’ books featuring Petra, Sofie and Petronella.

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Maurits Hansen "Nytt blod" - best crime debut in 2014

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