Jørgen Jæger
Days of Destiny

Susanne Skogen is tormented by a threatening stalker and has also been swindled by her former boyfriend, in danger of losing everything she owns.

One summer day in July when she’s trying to rest on the beach in Fjellberghavn, her son Marius calls her in a panic. Cecilie Hopen rushes over and finds a murdered man outside their house. Nobody knows who he is, and Marius has vanished from the house without a trace.
The leader of an environmental organisation is shot and killed outside the Parliament, and the entire leadership of the organisation is revealed to be in mortal danger. And in the neighbouring town, a gigantic battery factory is being planned. Cecilie Hopen tries to connects the dots. She senses a connection. The hunt for a dangerous mastermind begins.
Ole Vik is on leave to take care of his wife Marte, who was critically injured after a knife attack. Then an unexpected development occurs.
Jørgen Jæger celebrates 20 years as a renowned author this year, delivering yet another breathtaking crime novel with with Ole Vik, Cecilie Hopen, and other beloved characters that readers have grown fond of.

Jørgen Jæger

Jørgen Jæger
John Andresen

Jørgen Jæger consolidates his position at the top of the Norwegian Crime arena, an has soldmore than 1,2 million books so far. Set in the picturesque remote town of Fjellberghavn, the highly respected police chief Ole Vik and his adept detective Cecilie Hopen are constantly dragged into investigations riddled with social dilemmas, which Jørgen Jæger eloquently incorporates. Through his addicitive prose, he makes you want to know everything about Fjellberghavn and its inhabitants.

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