Aslak Nore
None Shall Drown

None Shall Drown opens in December 2015, half a year after the explosive revelation at the end of The Sea Cemetery. The holidays are approaching, and at the Rederhaugen estate, preparations are underway for the Falck family’s annual Christmas party. Meanwhile, in the far North of the country, tensions between Norway and Putin’s Russia are escalating.

Newly appointed SAGA Director Sasha Falck donates the rescue vessel Falck 3 to the Sea Rescue Society and pitches the idea of sending a research expedition to Svalbard. Hans Falck lies in a hospital bed in Northern Norway, gravely injured following an accident. And in Oslo, Johnny Berg receives word that a foreign agent has infiltrated SAGA. A desperate hunt for the mole ensues.

As the Falck 3 sets out for the spectacular landscapes of the High Arctic, the former Cold War enemies are about to confront each other yet again – with fateful consequences for the Falck clan.

None Shall Drown, the second installment of Aslak Nore’s bestselling adventure saga, describes an epic arc from post-World War II Europe and the restive 60s and 70s all the way to the present. It is a larger-than-life story about illicit love, dangerous political ideas, geopolitical cat-and-mouse games, bitter power struggles – and about how random encounters can change the course of not just individual lives but history itself.

Aslak Nore

Aslak Nore
Javad Parsa

Aslak Nore (born 1978) grew up in Oslo. He’s educated from the University of Oslo and the New School for Social Research in New York and has served in Norway’s elite Telemark Battalion in Bosnia. A modern-day adventurer, Nore has lived in Latin America and worked as a journalist in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He has published several non-fiction books and four novels. Ulvefellen (2017) was a national bestseller and won the Riverton Prize for best crime novel in Norway in 2018. The Cemetery of the Sea (2021) is the first novel in an epic literary thriller series and a huge international success and bestseller. Nore lives in Provence, France.

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Dutch: Harper Collins
English (UK & CW): MacLehose Press
Finnish: Gummerus
French: Le bruit du monde
German: Kiepenheuer & Witch
Italian: Marsilio
Russian: Corpus
Swedish: Norstedts

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