Odin Helgheim / Victor Sotberg
Book 1

This is VALIANT!

VALIANT is a gaming universe where you can live exactly the way you want. You go adventuring, fight monsters and fulfill all your dreams. An awesome gamer in this virtual world is popular IRL. Victor does not fit this bill. He is constantly bullied and has no friends. But in VALIANT he has forged two strong friendships. What will happen when he puts these friendships at risk by challenging his tormentors to an all-or-nothing showdown in The Arena?

Odin Helgheim / Victor Sotberg

Odin Helgheim / Victor Sotberg
Egmont/ Fredrik Arff

The book series is written by Victor Sotberg and drawn by comics creator Odin Helgheim.

Victor Sotberg (b. 1991) is an extremely popular Norwegian YouTuber. He has hosted several popular TV-shows and is a prominent figure in Norwegian media and entertainment. Victor is considered an idol amongst youngsters in Norway, due to his openness about being bullied as a child.

Odin Helgheim (b. 1996) is from Sandefjord, Norway but spent a few years in the US as a kid. There he discovered comics and started honing his drawing skills.
His debut book, «Ragnarök – Fenrir» won ARK's children's book prize in 2020. Two more books have been released in this highly popular children's book series. Odin is living in Oslo and currently works full-time creating graphic novels.

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