Minika Steinholm and Anneli Furmark (ill.)
Don't let the dead come here

Illustrated psychological thriller with
supernatural elements

Cecilia has lost her mother. Now she has no one. No one to
tie her to a hectic world full of disastrous news about war
and climate change. Cecilia wants to create a simpler life for
herself, and when she discovers a dilapidated small farm deep
in the mountains, it feels like coming home. The family living
there even says that they have been waiting for her …
Uneasiness slowly creeps into her new existence. Why is she
not allowed to cross the river? What really happens out there
by the big rowan tree every solstice? And will she ever be able
to leave her new home?

Minika Steinholm and Anneli Furmark (ill.)

Monika Steinholm (b. 1983) has published a number of
critically acclaimed books for children and young adults.
When she is not writing, she works in a bookstore. She has a
degree in creative writing from the University of Tromsø and
was nominated for both the Uprisen and NBU’s (Norwegian
Writers for Children) Trollkrittet for her debut novel Fuck the

Anneli Furmark (b. 1962) is a Swedish illustrator, who
has published several comic books and graphic novels.
For Amatørarnas Afton (Amateur Night) and Jamen forlåt då
(I apologise)
she received the Urhundenplaketten comic of
the year award in Sweden

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