Camilla Dingsøyr
Knitwear from Lôkal Oslo

Soft yarn, thick needles, relaxed and playful style inspired by urban fashion, films and TV-series — this is characteristic for the knitwear from Lôkal Oslo. The book offers easy and fast knitted patterns for charming sweaters; long and comfortable knitted jackets; rough clothing for men; cool caps and varied knitwear for the youngest. Everything is knitted with top yarn quality, ensuring comfortable and long lasting knitwear. Lôkal Oslo is based on Grünerløkka.

Camilla Dingsøyr

Camilla Dingsøyr
Johannes Henriksen

Camilla Dingsøyr is a designer and owner of the knitwear factory, Lôkal Oslo, at Grünerløkka. Lôkal delivers knitwear patterns to magazines such as Kamille, Kamille Idéer, KK og Maries Ideer (Denmark).

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