Marius Horn Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg (ill.)
The World’s Worst Litterbug

Kent and Ruben go into battle for the environment

How do you protect the environment? ‘The World’s Worst’ shows the way.
A contest to become the city’s most environmentally friendly school is underway! The headmaster is full of ideas that will mean the students use less water (no showering after gym class!) and eat less meat (shutting down the canteen). But what happens when the headmaster gets a taste of his own dirty tricks?

The first book about Ruben, The World’s Worst Headmaster, was a huge success. Since then we’ve read about how you become the world’s worst friend, we’ve gone on the world’s worst holiday, we’ve celebrated the world’s worst Christmas and birthday, and, unfortunately, we’ve gone to the world’s worst summer camp.

Text and images that work closely together combined with lots of humour and day-to-day life that rarely goes completely according to plan make the ‘World’s Worst’ books an entertaining, easy to read and LOL reading experience for both children and adults.

Marius Horn Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg (ill.)

Marius Molaug (b. 1976) works as editor of the Norwegian edition of Donald Duck. He is a member of the creative community Dongery.

Molaug studied at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, and during his time there joined the comics and art collective Dongery. He has since made contributions to all of the collective’s fanzine releases.
Once he had completed his education, Molaug began working as a writer for NRK’s Hallo i uken. In 2003 he joined the editorial staff of Egmont, becoming the editor of Donald Duck & Co. in 2009. Molaug’s first children’s book, The World’s Worst Headmaster, came out in 2014.

Kristoffer Kjølberg (b. 1980) is a prize-winning illustrator and graphic designer. He is a member of the creative community Dongery.

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