Øystein Stene
The Justice of the Mind

Pray the thought. Think the prayer. Clench your fist.

Every inner city in the world has collapsed. The vast majority of people who have breathed in the outside air have become mapes. Only a small few are immune – and Alm is one of them. When those who are immune sleep, they dream of the same place, a temple in the American rainforest – all except Alm.

Nevertheless, she joins the immune on the perilous journey to the heart of the jungle. Here, a new force has arisen. She goes by the name Gaia Lucia and claims to be nature herself. Gaia Lucia organises people into a new life, what is known as ‘the balance’. Everyone seems to submit – all except Alm.

The Justice of the Mind is about how we view nature, and about the human consciousness that has created our problems – and which is also the only thing that can solve them. The Justice of the Mind is the final book in the Alm trilogy, which began with The Law of Breathing and The Order of Dreams.

Øystein Stene

Øystein Stene
Henning Lillegård

Øystein Stene (b. 1969) is a writer, playwright and director.

Øystein Stene blends action and philosophy, suspense and poetry, and the fantastic with the familiar. His stories often take in the entire globe and all living things and examine what it means to be human in our time. In addition to novels, he has written for both film and the stage, and his texts have been translated into English, French, Polish, Swedish, Flemish, Italian, Czech and Spanish

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