Unni Vik and Tiril Valeur (ill.)
Can Bacteria Poop?

Did you know that bacteria can poop gold?

Can Bacteria Poop? is a fun fact book that invites readers to join in exploring the bacteria all around us. Throughout the book, through short stories and facts, children themselves are given the chance to answer open-ended questions. The goal is not to give the children definitive answers but rather to engage them and make them want to learn more about bacteria.

The book can be read aloud to children from the age of three and up, but is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about these organisms that have been here on earth the longest of all. It gives insight into the singular importance of bacteria and reveals their significance for our health and the nature around us.

Unni Vik holds a doctorate in microbial ecology (fungi and bacteria) and researches children’s connection to nature. This is her first book.

Unni Vik and Tiril Valeur (ill.)

Unni Vik (born 1983) is from Ølen in Rogaland and now lives in Oslo. She holds a doctorate in microbial ecology (fungi and bacteria) and works as an associate professor of science on the kindergarten teacher education programme at OsloMet. Can bacteria poop? is her first children’s book.

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