Kristine Rui Slettebakken
This Just Happened

Even though the others in her year have started hanging around in cliques in the schoolyard, Frida prefers to practise her sprinting during breaktime – because Frida loves sprinting…and she can run like lightning!

But when Justin joins her class, it’s her heart that starts sprinting. It’s something in the way he says hi, the gap between his front teeth, and his reeeally long scarf. AND he’s eager to get to know Frida!

Though why does Justin also want to hang out with Martha, a gym-girl in a pink parka? She’s everything that Frida isn’t – and doesn’t want to be.

Kristine Rui Slettebakken debuts as an author with a book brimming with energy and sparkling language. It tackles the transition from childhood to teendom, from friendship to love, from wanting to be different – to wanting to fit in.

Kristine Rui Slettebakken

Kristine Rui Slettebakken
Julie Pike

Kristine Rui Slettebakken (born 1977) grew up in Kragerø and lives in Oslo. She has worked as an actress and audiobook reader for many years. She is also a theatre instructor and has also taught theatre in upper secondary school. Slettebakken took a two-year author programme at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books. She debuted as an author with Jo har skjedd (This Just Happened) (2020), which was nominated for Trollkrittet, the Norwegian Children and Youth Book Authors’ Debut Award. For her second book, Sommer med Jo (Summer with Justin) (2021), she received the Ministry of Culture’s Prize for Literature and was nominated for both the Brage Prize and ARK’s Children’s Book Award.

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