Nina Borge

As the only girl in her gaming class, Jos has to work hard to earn respect.

Jos has been a gamer for as long as she can remember. All she dreams of is turning pro. With sky-high expectations, she starts out on the e-sports programme at upper secondary school. But as the only girl in the class, it’s not easy to stake her claim. An important League of Legends tournament lies ahead, but in e-sports it’s the boys who dominate. Are they going to show her respect? Is she even welcome there?
How much is Jos willing to sacrifice to reach the top?

Nina Borge

Nina Borge
Julie Pike

Makes her author debut with a feminist dystopia.

Nina Borge (born 1983) was born and raised in Sandefjord and lives in Stokke. She trained as a child welfare pedagogue and works as a milieu therapist. In addition, she works freelance as a script consultant and editor for Forlagshuset in Vestfold. The Rebels (2020) is her first novel.

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