Arne Svingen and Simon Nyhus (ill.)

Chilling horror story about taxidermy and brotherhood.

Raven has been fighting with his brother once again, and runs away in a complete rage. Along the road he meets a man who collects dead animals, which he then stuffs. Raven goes back to his house to see his amazing collection. But then he opens the wrong door…

Arne Svingen and Simon Nyhus (ill.)

Arne Svingen is one of our most popular authors and has written over 100 books. His work ranges from children’s books to novels for young people and adults. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his books, including the Brage Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize, ARK’s Children’s Book Prize and the Bookworm Prize. Svingen’s novels have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and English.

Simon Nyhus (b. 1988) is a Norwegian 3D designer and illustrator. He has been a concept designer for Norwegian animated films and illustrated children's books.

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