Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)
Escape to Space

Eighth book in the series about Agent Elvin Griff!

Elvin and Lydia are on the run and hiding in the forest. At a secret underground base, they meet people who believe the end of the earth is near. They want to travel to another planet to start from scratch. But where are all the children? And what’s hiding in the massive hangar?

Join Elvin and Lydia on their wildest adventure yet!

Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

Arne Svingen is one of our most popular authors and has written over 100 books. His work ranges from children’s books to novels for young people and adults. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his books, including the Brage Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize, ARK’s Children’s Book Prize and the Bookworm Prize. Svingen’s novels have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and English.

Eivind Gulliksen (b. 1973) studied journalism at Høgskolen in Oslo and currently works as an illustrator.

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