Arne Svingen and Henry Bronken (ill.)
The Taco Monster

New book in the bonkers and delightfully absurd series Svingen’s Mad World!
Benjamin’s father says that you get a crooked face from cycling into the wind, that the roots of your teeth grow up into your head if you don’t brush your teeth, and that the dreaded Taco Monster crawls out from his hiding place whenever there’s a smell of tacos in the house – so the safest thing to do is eat blood sausage and cod tongues. But one day Benjamin really, really wants some tacos, and how good can the Taco Monster’s sense of smell really be?

Arne Svingen and Henry Bronken (ill.)

Arne Svingen is one of our most popular authors and has written over 100 books. His work ranges from children’s books to novels for young people and adults. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his books, including the Brage Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize, ARK’s Children’s Book Prize and the Bookworm Prize. Svingen’s novels have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and English.

Henry Bronken
is a Norwegian cartoonist. His first comic was published in the Norwegian anthology Forresten in 2001. Several comic books have since been published.

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