Arne Svingen and Tiril Valeur (ill.)
Leo is a Salmon

Imagine if Leo was a salmon! Then he could tickle people’s legs and even stick his head under water. Could he even play football down there?

Arne Svingen and Tiril Valeur (ill.)

Arne Svingen is one of our most popular authors and has written over 100 books. His work ranges from children’s books to novels for young people and adults. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his books, including the Brage Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize, ARK’s Children’s Book Prize and the Bookworm Prize. Svingen’s novels have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and English.

Svingen has spent several years working to boost reading among children and young people, with a special focus on boys’ reading. He has done extensive tours of schools and libraries. Today he is the third most borrowed Norwegian author in libraries nationwide. Svingen is also behind the podcast ‘Svingen’s World of Children’s Books’ in which he interviews other authors and illustrators of books for children and teenagers from Norway.

Tiril Valeur (b. 1975) is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer. She lives in Kristiansand.

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