Helen Kaldheim
The dark elf - Alone
Book 1

New epic manga for young adults. A visceral tale about not belonging.

All the dark elves have been exterminated except a little boy who
grows up among white elves. His name is Caim. Caim is destined for a
difficult life after the grear war between the elves. Almost everybody
hates him and wishes him dead. But one day his teacher tells him
about a place called Joker where everybody can live in peace, regardless
of who they are.

Joker becomes the place of Caim’s dreams. It comes as a total suprise
when a boy at school befriends him, a boy who doesn’t seem to
mind Caim’s darker skin. But will their friendship endure until they
reach the fabled place Joker?

Helen Kaldheim

Helen Kaldheim
Helen Kaldheim

Manga creator Helen Kaldheim (born in 1995) was raised in Odda, Norway but now resides in Oslo, Norway. Today, she makes a living as a lecturer, cosplayer, and manga artist. With her book series, she aims to contribute to spread manga among the youth in Norway.

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