Ronald Kabíček, Bjarte Agdestein, Endre Skandfer
Krüger & Krogh - North

March, 1965. A fishing boat is swallowed by the sea just off the island of Andøya. At the same time, a secret listening station detects unsettling soundwaves originating from the ocean depths. Could it be a new Soviet weapon? Or something even more terrifying? Special investigators Jacob Krüger and Otto Krogh are sent to the weather-beaten island in the far north to get to the bottom of the case. But they soon learn that their presence is not entirely welcome.

“North” is the third original graphic novel featuring Jacob Krüger and Otto Krogh, special agents in the top secret Department of Intermediate Affairs (DOIA).

“This is probably the most blatantly fawning review I’ll give this year. So be it.”

“I can promise you that the only significant disappointment you’ll experience reading this graphic novel is when you realize you’ve finished reading it.”

“Krüger and Krogh encourages reading and a keen interest in history while providing terrific entertainment, what more could one ask for?”

“Another hit for fans of suspenseful mystery with a historical backdrop.”

Kyrre Matias Goksøyr, Klassekampen Book Magazine

“This is an impressive and thoroughly researched book, packed with historical details.”

Inger Heiberg Woxholtt, Aftenposten History Magazine

“Positively smashing Norwegian comic book with an international flair.”

Ronald Kabíček, Bjarte Agdestein, Endre Skandfer

Ronald Kabíček, Bjarte Agdestein, Endre Skandfer
Stig Marlon Weston

Ronald Kabíček, Bjarte Agdestein and Endre Skandfer are Norwegian cartoonists. They have written and drawn three acclaimed albums in the series about secret agents Krüger & Krogh, and are currently working on book number four.

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