Kristine Haugland, Oda Radoor og Victoria Sandøy (ill.)
TIRIL - Far, far away

A fairy-tale inspired by one of Norway’s most famous painters Theodor Kittelsen. This modern fairy-tale is about courage, more specific about the courage to say “I am sorry”. But the road there can be long, so it will be good to have some good companions like Stonetroll and Branchtroll, especially if you meet sea monsters or water spirits like The Nixie.

Readers review:

“I will keep this book forever!”

Balder 4,5 years

“Now we read the book daily.”

Mum to Sverre, 4 years old

“I want to move into the princess’ castle.”

Thale, 5 years

“I was happy when Tiril could hug her mum!”

Jose 6 years

Kristine Haugland, Oda Radoor og Victoria Sandøy (ill.)

Kristine Haugland, Oda Radoor og Victoria Sandøy (ill.)
Photo: Figenschou Publishing

Oda Radoor is a dramaturg trained at the Department of Dramaturgy at the University of Aarhus. She previously worked as a permanent dramaturg at the Nationaltheatret and then at Dramatikkens hus, but is today a freelance dramaturg, playwright, producer and director.

Kristine Haugland is one of Norway's most experienced storytellers. With solo and collaborative projects, she has toured and performed for thousands of children, young people and adults in gymnasiums, classrooms, literature houses and the Norwegian Opera.

Victoria Sandøy is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo, Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a 1st Class BA (Hons) from Falmouth University. Her work is inspired by her Scandinavian roots and often consists of imagery influenced by nature, folklore and children’s literature.

Photo (from the left): Victoria Sandøy, Kristine Haugland, Anitra Figenschou and Oda Radoor.

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