Hanne Gjerde Buch & Camilla Billett (ill.)
The Wishing Machine

We find ourselves in a world where you can enter any toy store and buy a best friend in a can. A living doll that will do anything you would want a best friend to do. Wonderful, you might think?

But how is it to be such a doll. In this book, we meet Jester. Together with The Superhero and Dandydoll they have to defeat the cunning Betty Spaghetti. She has adopted these three little dolls to exploit them. They have to knit for her every day and night. Now they have knitted the letters S.O.S. in secret. Will anyone come for them? Will they understand that the dolls are in
great danger?

«An action packed picture book in the BEST FRIEND IN A CAN-trilogy»

Publisher and editor Anitra Figenschou

Hanne Gjerde Buch & Camilla Billett (ill.)

Hanne Gjerde Buch & Camilla Billett (ill.)
Photo: Fartein Rudjord/NORLA

Hanne Gjerde Buch (b. 1972) had her debut as an author with a children’s book trilogy about friendship: Best Friend in a Can. When she is not writing, she is Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Families and received her law degree from the judicial faculty of the University of Oslo. Among other activities, she uses her free time to write children´s books. “Having an education in law has been useful for me while writing children´s books because one learns to express oneself concisely and precisely,” Buch relates.

Camilla Billett (b. 1966) is a Norwegian graphic designer and illustrator. Billett has worked for many years as a designer in the advertising industry, and has established himself as a self-employed person. She has illustrated a number of children's books.

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