Sara Hjardar
Mia Myhr and The Missing Children

Mia Myhr and The Missing Children is the first book in the series about Mia Myhr. This is a thrilling and chilling fantasy with a dose of humor – and mystery.

Mia Myhr moves with her parents and sister, Hanna, to her grandmother’s house at the edge of a forest. Her grandmother disappeared without a trace five years ago. Mia takes her drawing pad into the woods, where she discovers a pond that wasn’t there before – and catches a glimpse of a terrifying, mysterious animal. When her sister and her friends go missing after a trip to the pond, Mia must find out what happened – by diving beneath the dark surface.

Sara Hjardar

Sara Hjardar
Sara Hjardar

Sara Hjardar (1998) is born and raised in Fredrikstad. She completed a bachelor's degree in graphic design and illustration in the spring of 2021 at the University of the Arts in Oslo, but now lives in Fredrikstad.

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