Ingrid Z. Aanestad
Just Mother and Ellinor

Can Ellinor tell others about her mother? Or is it a secret?
Just mother and Ellinor live together.

They make sushi and drink cocoa with chili and draw anything they like.

Mother is the most beautiful person Ellinor knows.

But sometimes mother gets sad and lies on the sofa all day.

Can Ellinor tell others about it? Or is it a secret?

A warm picture book about togetherness, starfish and the desire to do the right thing.

Emotional illustrations by Sunniva Sunde Krogseth.

Ingrid Z. Aanestad

Ingrid Z. Aanestad
Morten Brun

Author of novels, essays and now also children's books.

Ingrid Z. Aanestad was born in 1983 and grew up in Klepp in Rogaland. She made her debut in 2006 with the novel I dag er ein fin dag and has since published several novels and essays. Just Mother and Ellinor is her first children's book.

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