Inga Husby Sætre
The Sneak

Susanne and Sørensen are neighbours, but not very good neighbours. Susanne likes things quiet, clean and tidy. She doesn’t like mess – and she does NOT like Sørensen.

But one day a little sneak moves into the garden between the two neighbours – and this sneak is all set to spice up their lives!

Inga Husby Sætre

Inga Husby Sætre
Julie Pike

Inga Sætre (born 1978) is an author, comic-book creator, illustrator and animator.

She trained as an animator and is one of our most highly renowned illustrators and cartoonists. She created the award-winning graphic novel Fall Technique, which has also been turned into a film and won an Amanda Award under the title Ninjababy.

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