Birte Svatun
Book of Thoughts

Vilde and Simon are friends. But what does that really mean?

Sometimes Vilde likes to be on her own. Is that the same as being lonely?

When Simon and Mum go on a holiday, he meets other children. Is it possible to make new friends when you don’t speak the same language?

Vilde’s Dad buys a telescope so Vilde and Simon can have some fun looking at the stars. But what is behind the stuff they can see in the telescope – what lies beyond the stars?

Birte Svatun’s book philosophizes around everyday issues that children are curious about and like to discuss. Åshild Irgen’s beautiful and funny illustrations are a treat for grown-ups and children alike.

Birte Svatun

Birte Svatun
Ketil Born

Birte Svatun (b. 1958) is an author, journalist and teacher and has previously worked for NRK Radio for ten years. She writes for both children and adults.

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