Ulv Ulv Tommy Skoglund

The Night and Day Diary I
Philosophical Fragments For All and None

In The Night and Day Diary, the writer simply writes about whatever comes to mind, preferably something about writing, as that is what he does on a daily basis. But also other more or less everyday things, take the relic of Jesu foreskin. Is it really real? And did it resurrect on the third day? Well, the writer does not know, but he wonders about it. And besides belief and superstition, there is walking, philosophy of religion, existence, consciousness and science, metaphysics, theory of knowledge, logic, ethics. New volume every full moon.

Keywords for this first volume: dualism, physicalism, idealism, realism, phenomenology, behaviorism, functionalism, metaethics, ethical realism, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, legalism, emotion theory.

Ulv Ulv Tommy Skoglund

Tommy skoglund

Ulv Ulv Tommy Skoglund (b. 1982) debuted in 2009 with the prose poem-collection Waking up as Part of Nature: “Impressive. Skoglund stands out strongly with a collection of prose poems that starts where life ends. With each new reading, the admiration for the author's distinctive talent increases, where the crystal clear and the irrational meet in concrete descriptions and paradoxical formulations” (VG, 5/6). In 2014 he debuted as a novelist with Silent Rebellion, the story of a self-chosen mute antihero, for which he was awarded a two-year-stipend from Arts Council Norway, and The Municipality Prize. In 2018 the novel was translated into Danish. In 2020, the first book of the metafictional antinovel-cycle, The Dilogy, was published.

Other titles

The Night and Day Diary IV, novel, 2022.
The Night and Day Diary III, novel, 2022.
The Dilogy II, novel, 2022.
The Night and Day Diary II, novel, 2022.
The Night and Day Diary I, novel, 2022.
The Dilogy I, novel, 2020.
Silent Rebellion, novel 2014.
Waking up as Part of Nature, prose poems, 2009.

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