Anneli Klepp
Benny Football Star

The good footballers
don’t want to play with Benny.
But the cool, older girls
see what he’s capable of.
Suddenly, Benny is the football star
that everyone wants to get their hands on.

This is the second book about Benny in the Read Well series. In the first book, he was a football-playing tiger.

Anneli Klepp has delighted tens of thousands of new readers with her books. She writes in a fun and exciting way about topics that are easy to relate to. The wonderful, humorous illustrations are drawn by Åshild Irgens.

Anneli Klepp

Anneli Klepp
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Gets to the heart of young people’s lives and problems.

Anneli Klepp is a brilliantly inventive author who writes in a way that gets to the heart of young people’s lives and problems, always with warmth and humour as her foremost devices. It is no coincidence that Roald Dahl is one of her literary inspirations.

The author was born and raised in Kirkenes. She is a trained teacher and has worked in primary and secondary schools for many years. She now lives in Bekkestua, outside Oslo. She debuted with Gyldendal in 2006 with the children’s book Lousy Tangles and Warm Blueberry Pie, a book with a slightly surreal, cartoonish touch, told in a quick, humorous and direct style, and packed with psychology, both directly and on a more subtle level, while being wonderfully liberated from psychologisation and grey social realism. Since then, she has written several books for the same age group, in addition to a number of books for new readers.

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