Johanne Emilie Andersen and Hilde Hodnefjeld(ill.)

Bloody Caroline

Do Edvin and Aron get scared?
The third book about Edvin and Aron is about getting scared – or not. Edvin says he’s never scared, but Aron doesn’t believe him. On the way home from school, they pass a yellow house. It belongs to Bloody Caroline. Is it true that she keeps children in the cellar?

Bloody Caroline is a thrilling tale with a surprising ending.

Come Home with Me (2020) and Neon (2021) were the first two books about Aron and Edvin. The friendship between them is constantly put to the test, but fortunately they always make friends again.

Johanne Emilie Andersen and Hilde Hodnefjeld(ill.)

Johanne Emilie Andersen (born 1962 in Oslo) is an illustrator and author. She is a graphic designer and illustrator trained at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, and also took Author Studies at the Norwegian Institute for Children's Books. She has previously published the children's book KanLand (Solum) and the easy-reader books about Julie and Stig (Orkana).

Hilde Hodnefjeld (born 1966) was educated in graphic design and illustration at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo, majoring in drawing. She works as an illustrator and as part of the Illustratørene collective in Oslo, and has illustrated a number of books for children. In addition, she has written and illustrated several picture books, such as Lykke and the Accident (2019) and Imagine (2012).

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