Øystein Stene
The Order of Dreams

When Alm left the airtight Fjordbyen, took off her oxygen suit and breathed the open air for the first time, she was setting out to find answers – about what was out there, and why it was she who could breathe air without being transformed.

What Alm encounters sends her on a journey across Europe, a continent that has now been taken over by the mapes, people who have been transformed into animals without memory or language. But along her journey she discovers that there is more to both mapes and people than she first thought.

The Order of Dreams is about the relationship between nature and human consciousness, about why we define ourselves as something other than animals, and the consequences this has. The Order of Dreams is the second book in the Alm trilogy.

“I’m glad I read this book, and I’ll be talking about it to many people in the time to come.”


“... flows well and is linguistically pleasing, in stark contrast to the themes it conveys, which, to put it mildly, is anything but pleasant.”

Stavanger Aftenblad, 5/6 stars.

Øystein Stene

Øystein Stene
Henning Lillegård

Øystein Stene (b. 1969) is a writer, playwright and director.

He made his fiction debut with Master of Patience in 2003, which was followed up with The Bearer of Shame (2006) and The Necromancer (2011). In 2014 he published the acclaimed Zombie Nation. He has written and directed stage plays and feature movies, as well as a book on the history and art of acting. He teaches at The Academy of Theatre in Oslo.

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