Hans Jørgen Sandnes
Open Ocean

The aquarium boss will be travelling to the USA soon, and finally it looks like Salt Cove is heading for quieter times. But then a mysterious lady shows up and steals something belonging to Ophelia. Why?

Once again, Ophelia and Bernard have to set out on a journey that is dangerous for them and for the monsters they are trying to protect.

Open Ocean is the third book in the Crypto series. The graphic novel is written and drawn by Hans Jørgen Sandnes, the man behind the illustrations for the popular Detective Agency no. 2 books.

“A magical underwater world...The design is consummate and professional.


“Hans Jørgen Sandnes (…) conjures great drama when, in words and pictures, he appeals to our fascination for unfamiliar underwater creatures that may need our help.”


“This is a highly promising, exciting and entertaining first instalment in a planned children’s series.”

Nomination jury, Ministry of Culture’s Awards for Children’s and Youth Literature

Hans Jørgen Sandnes

Hans Jørgen Sandnes
Atle Holtan

Hans Jørgen Sandnes (born 1979) is an illustrator, animator and cartoonist.

Together with Jørn Lier Horst he created the Detective Agency No. 2 books, which is Norway’s best-selling children’s universe in book form with a print run of over 1.7 million.

Hans Jørgen has illustrated classics such as Alf Prøysen’s Circus Mikkelikski and Anne-Cath. Vestly’s books The Big Book about Granny and the Eight Children and Twiglet. In 2020, he wrote the critically acclaimed biography Anne-Cath. Vestly alongside author and children’s book researcher Agnes-Margrethe Bjorvand. He has also illustrated the picture books The Most Amazing Thing and The Name Bearer, written by Maja Lunde.

In the spring of 2020, Hans Jørgen Sandnes debuted as author- cartoonist with Into The Deep, the first book in the Crypto series.

Hans Jørgen’s illustrations have been published in over 20 countries.

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