Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl(ill.)
Stinky Facts

Stinky Facts is a follow-up to the fun and easy-to-read Bloody Facts, Hairy Facts and Fake Facts. These books are a real discovery for new, inquisitive readers who have a thing about crazy facts.

This time it’s all about smells both foul and fragrant. Why, for example, can we stand our own sweat, stinky feet and farts better than anyone else? And is it true that our memory works better through our noses than with our eyes? In this book you’ll also read about the stinky food that many people love, about flowers that release fragrances to attract insects, and about animals that give off nasty smells to scare away their enemies. Last but not least, you’ll get a sense of what the Palace of Versailles smelled like in its heyday (hint: it stank!).

The book is accompanied by the vibrant illustrations of Jenny Jordahl.

Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl(ill.)

Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl(ill.)
Julie L. Lillesæter

Ingelin Røssland (b. 1976) is a writer. She has published several young adult novels.

Jenny Jordahl (born 1989, image) is a designer, illustrator and cartoonist. She is a graduate of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has illustrated The F-word: 155 Reasons to be a Feminist (Manifesto, 2015) and The Great Bum Rumpus – and other glimpses from the media’s backside (Manifesto, 2016).

Jenny won the Brage Prize in the category Best Children and Youth Book in 2020.

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