Arne Svingen and Jenny Jordahl(ill.)

Leo is an Elephant

magine if Leo were an elephant! Then he would have to tiptoe around so as not to destroy anything. But maybe his trunk can rescue a vase that’s about to get smashed…

This is the second book in a new picture-book series for toddlers, based on one of children’s favourite games: pretending to be an animal.

Arne Svingen and Jenny Jordahl(ill.)

Arne svingen
Marlene Miller Svingen

Arne Svingen (b. 1967) is one of our foremost writers for children and young adults. His production spans from easy reads for children, to novels for children and young adults.

Jenny Jordahl (born 1989) is a designer, illustrator and cartoonist. She is a graduate of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has illustrated The F-word: 155 Reasons to be a Feminist (Manifesto, 2015) and The Great Bum Rumpus – and other glimpses from the media’s backside (Manifesto, 2016).

Jenny won the Brage Prize in the category Best Children and Youth Book in 2020.

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