Jan Grue
I I Fall
An Account of Work Unseen

There are times I forget I’m disabled.
I can dwell in a self, in a body, that is simply me.
But the world never forgets.
It’s merely waiting for a good opportunity to remind me.

If I Fall is an exploration of the particular vulnerability that accompanies chronic sickness and disability. In this account founded on his own life and experiences, Jan Grue explores how society meets this vulnerability with a demand for unseen work – for those with physical disabilities to have to toil even harder, to have to work even more, to be accepted as a person of full value.

Heart-rending. […] Powerful autobiographical prose about vulnerability. […] If I Fall is conscious-raising and interesting reading. And, as always with Grue, crammed with fine phrasing.

Maya Troberg Djuve, Dagbladet

Jan Grue

Jan Grue
Anne Valeur

Grue’s work deals with embodiment - with what it means to be a body in an endlessly complex world. Combining literary exploration and elements of science fiction and speculative fiction, his stories trouble the issues of what makes a meaningful life and how we value different kinds of lives.

Jan Grue is the author of a wide-ranging body of work in fiction, non- fiction, and children’s literature. He made his debut with the short story collection Everything Under Control (2010), which was received with glowing reviews: “Grue is bright, he’s funny, academic and poetic, restless and patient, creative, analytical and sensitive. He has a broad repertoire and moves elegantly between different writing styles,” wrote the reviewer in Adresseavisen.

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