Lasse L. Matberg
Warm Garments for an Active Life

Viking Knitting is a robust knitting book with a mixture of traditional patterns and new designs. The patterns and color choices were inspired by the Vikings’ practical and warm garments. The book’s patterns are quite varied: trendy pullovers,
patterns influenced by the sagas, seed stitch, Nordic motifs, and cozy sweater-jackets for him and her. The book contains a total of 33 patterns – 18 for men, nine for women, and six for children. These comfortable and elegant garments are adapted for an active lifestyle. Viking Knitting also includes patterns for caps, mittens, scarves, and seat cushions.

Format: 22 × 27 cm, 192 pages. Published September 2021.

“I hope this book will inspire you to create something valuable with your hands,” says Lasse L. Matberg. “Welcome to a knitting book with both tradition and flexibility.”

Lars L. Matberg

Lasse L. Matberg

Lasse L. Matberg
Photo: Vigmostad & Bjørke

Lasse L. Matberg collaborated with design company Strikkemekka to create his dream sweaters which he and his family model in the book. The author has been a sports officer in the Norwegian armed forces and was ambassador for the large-scale NATO maneuvers, Trident Juncture, in 2018. Matberg has participated in several Norwegian reality-shows and won the Italian “Dancing with the Stars” competition in 2019. He has almost a million followers on social media.

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