Helene Arnesen
Fabel Knitwear Volume I
34 romantic patterns for Women

IIn this book you get 34 romantic, feminine and timeless knittingpatterns designed by Helene Arnesen. All original patterns are ideal for the modern woman, mixing both practicality and vintage elegance, as she is often inspired by historical styles and silhouetted for her designs.
As a trained costume designer, she has a love for rich, historical details, yet often combines them with simple silhouettes and techniques.
The patterns are great for every knitter ranging from beginners to advanced. There’s simple stockinette pullovers and intricate lace blouses – something for every skill level.

All techniques used have QR codes that take you to a video tutorial, making it even easier.

The patterns have great adaptability, letting you adjust the garment for perfect fit.
Thus, you get the best of both worlds: historical elegance and modern practicality!

All patterns come in sizes XS - 3XL, and can be knit in a variety of yarns.

Helene Arnesen

Helene Arnesen

Helene Arnesen is the creator of Fabel Knitwear, a Norwegian knitting brand specializing in romantic, timeless knittingpatterns and beautiful hand dyed yarn.
She has a BA (hons) in Cosume Design from University of the Arts London, and worked in the film industry until 2017 when she started Fabel Knitwear, which she runs full time.

She has nearly 30 000 followers on Instagram, where she has a big presence in the online knitting community. She also has a YouTube channel where she talks about her designs and knitwear.

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