Irene Rognlie Størkersen
Kisses from God in Heaven

Bible stories are often short. From a few verses we get a little glimpse of a
healing or a parable. But how did the people experience Jesus? Irene Rognlie
Størkersen has tried to imagine the atmosphere around Jesus, and to see
these famous stories from the perspective of the people of his time. The writer takes us on a walk with Jesus.
This is a family book. For the children the Bible stories will really become
exciting, and the adults will receive New perspectives to make them feel more connected to what‘s happening in the Bible texts.

Irene Rognlie Størkersen

Irene Rognlie Størkersen

Irene Rognlie Størkersen (1959) is a teacher at Rosendal Primary and Secondary School in Mjøndalen. She loves the outdoor life, family and prayer.

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